Past to present

From generation to generation

Berit Miedl-Ohlsson

Serenly over-looking vast fields, Miedl's Arabians is a true family business firmly planted in the countryside outside Linköping in mid-east Sweden. It was founded in 1984 by K-G and Berit Miedl-Ohlsson, who encouraged their children to become involved with the operation at an early age. As a result, the children thoroughly learned the ins and outs of the horse business in general and Arabians in particular. From the very start the family goal has been to breed high quality Arabian horses for showing, breeding, and performance, but also to always enjoy and love the horses for the individuals they are.

K-G Miedl-Ohlsson

The story of Miedl's Arabians began with Berit's first trip to the Polish state stud auction in 1984. It was there that she found the exceptional quality she was looking for, and ever since she has been in love with the Pure Polish Arabian horse. Over the years Berit bought a total of fourteen horses from Poland, and they became the foundation of the Miedl breeding program. 30 years later Berit has bred over 80 horses, all tracing back to her Polish imports. Horses with the MA prefix have proven to be as versatile as Berit hoped they would, with many show champions enjoying retirement as beloved family riding horses.

Veronika & Martina Miedl-Ohlsson

In 2009 it was time to pass the torch to the younger generation, although Berit remains a source of knowledge and inspiration when needed. The reins of the operation were taken over by Berit's daughter Veronika and her wife Martina, and they now live on the farm alongside Berit and K-G. The two ladies love all animals big and small, and hope to continue the well-established tradition of breeding fine quality, versatile Arabians. The Miedl-Ohlssons are hands-on owners and operate their farm with very little outside help, which is quite easy since the family involvement is as strong as ever: Berit's oldest son Mikael does all of the farm's farrier work.

Veronika and Martina are always happy to welcome visitors; young and old, experts and beginners. At Miedl's Arabians, everyone is treated the same. If you are lucky, Berit might be around to tell some tales from the early years... and just like you would expect from a genuine country business, the coffee pot is always on.

Sweet summertime

A natural life

Every summer our mares are let out to roam our vast pastures around the clock. We are not sure who enjoys it more - the mares who get to kick up their heels, or us who just can not stop smiling when we see their happiness.