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Visiting us is easy!

Miedl's Arabians is beautifully situated in Central Sweden, just ten minutes outside the city of Linköping. No matter if you travel by air, car, or train, Miedl's Arabians is within easy reach. We welcome all visitors, from newcomers to the experienced breeder, with open arms, coffee, and a smile.

Even though Linköping is the fifth largest municipality in Sweden, the city itself has a pleasant small-town atmosphere. There are several fine hotels and a vast array of restaurants offering everything from fast food to fine dining. To learn more about Linköping, please visit the official website.

About Sweden


Visitors to Sweden often remark on how beautiful, clean, and safe our country is. The crime rate is low, public communications are excellent, roads are generally in great condition, and most Swedes speak very good English (and are happy to do so).

When to visit

We are happy to welcome visitors at any time during the year, but weather-wise we recommend a visit between mid-May to late September. The Swedish summers are beautiful beyond compare with long hours of daylight, and between June and August the temperature is usually at a pleasant 20-27 C/68-80 F. If you are a winter person you would certainly enjoy visiting during the colder months, but please note that we do not body clip our horses during the winter as they need the protection of their winter fuzzies. Temperatures around -20 C/-4 F are not uncommon!

See more

If you would like to spend more time in Sweden, our central location makes it easy to visit large cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg. For more information, please visit Sweden's official tourist and travel information website.

How to get here


Linköping City Airport
Flights to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. A mere ten-minute drive from Miedl's Arabians!

Norrköping Airport
Flights to Copenhagen and Helsinki. 40 min drive.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Flights to numerous European locations, primarily through Ryanair. 1h 10 min drive.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Sweden's largest international airport. 2h 30 min drive.

Göteborg (Gothenburg) Landvetter Airport
Sweden's second-largest international airport. 2h 45 min drive.

Stockholm Bromma Airport
Primarily domestic flights, but also some international destinations. 2h 10 min drive.


SJ Ticket Booking
Getting to Linköping via train is a breeze. Miedl's Arabians is a short ten-minute drive from the train station.